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a few thoughts on how to get a perfect new job....

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You know you're a great person, and you good benefit the organization you apply to in a big way, but somehow, they don't respond to your enthusiasm, they don't catch the subtleties of your responses….It's because they are going through a lot of CV's Resume's and other documents, and have no clue about your enthusiasm, and value.

This is the reason for one basic consideration- your CV needs to be impeccable. If you're an artist, you can try something extraordinary, but for the job in Medicine or Science or Pharma/Biotech Industry- your resume needs to be IMPECCABLE. It's strange, but every dot has to be in place, every paragraph has to be formatted an in line

If you're an Executive, and feel you're being sabotaged by someone, encourage the interviewer to call people for reference. Sometimes it may change the biased look at yourself.

Also, and this is straight from the heart, and firsthand experience - If you're a scientist, executive, super account executive with real, true and long experience, and you're applying for the job, that you really know, and you'll be really comfortable, and it's basically your dreamjob - be nice to the recruiter. I was recruiting an expert in blood clotting (a pretty narrow population) and found a person with education, science background, and experience completely matching the client's needs…he was so unresponsive, bossy, and "perhaps you should review my CV" type, I just immediately disliked the person…he didn't get a job, and that was his goal. So be nice. Try to be likeable. Be responsive, be honest.

When you get a job it's 70% your experience/education/knowledge and 30% human interaction (If people like you). But this 30% can flush down the drain your CV. When you're losing a job, it's 10% your knowledge, and 90% interaction with peers. Of course this is true for most of the jobs and people, and does not apply to people, who are completely useless on their jobs. These need to find new jobs matching their abilities and needs. (this is not scientific evidence, but you may get the notion...)

So, our product for you is the shiny new job, we want it for you as much as you want it for yourself.