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What can we do for you?   We recruit for a range of positions in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries

Our clients come to us when they are in special need- they need an executive in a rare specialty, roll out a compound hard to understand for the normal headhunter, want a team of MSL's or want to hire a team of Sales executives asap. Also, the executive or team need to be in...Austria, Poland, Russia or Ukraine...

We're used to such requests.

Our consultants cover the following areas and can provide emloyees for sales, marketing or Medical Affairs.   Individually and in teams.

  • Medical Sales Liaisons
  • Key Account Executives
  • Area Sales Managers
  • Customer Relations Managers
  • Account Managers

Executive search

  • Medical Directors
  • Medical Marketing Directors
  • Director of International Sales
  • Regulatory Affair Director
  • Sales Director

Other products- Background Search


You have fallen in love with the new person you are about to hire, He/She is fun and the CV seems to be so good. We will do the search, even in countries, where spoken language is so exotic, that no one in your organization can understand.