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globalideaOne partners with pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to provide HR solutions around the globe. We have provided executives, managers, and line personnel for various industry leaders. Also we have been working with several outsourcing companies, who had to expand rapidly.

We are a network of professionals who have worked in the industry, are seasoned in finding the right person for the job, regardless of location- Europe, CEE, Russia, Ukraine. Our candidates became the executives, managers, medical advisors, etc., around the world.

Our main strength is finding emploees for global US, UK or European companies, who do not have significant presence in certain parts of Europe, CEE or Ukraine, Russia. When a company decides to establish a new compound, roll-out an MSL team, establish a sales force on a territory whre it is less established- globalideaOne comes in with local knowledge.

We are located in many places, there, where the client needs us. We are a small, motivated team, focused on client satisfaction. In these fast-paced times, it’s really hard to find someone thoroughly professional, we truly care about the client, but we also care about our candidates...


Today our clients want to find Executive employees, build their sales team, MSL teams - Fast.   We have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. We have worked in the industry, and have a deep understanding of healthcare, Pharma, Biotech, hospitals, KOL's, medical products. Our product for you is the Executive or candidate, you have been waiting for. Also, we can do so much more...

If You're looking for a job


You know you're a great person, and you could benefit the organization you apply to in a big way, but somehow, they don't respond to your enthusiasm, they don't catch the subtleties of your responses…. It's because they are going through a lot of CV's Resume's and other documents, and have no clue about your enthusiasm, and value.